It’s 2025 when authoritarian President Orains gets re-elected for a third term, pushing the nation into a second Civil War. Doomed for a concentration camp, Brum Hesles (a biracial girl), is forced to leave her home in the Houston archipelago overnight, with her two siblings and her mother, leaving her father behind.

Assisted by the Unity Forces, a resistance group now fighting the new Great Republic’s regime, Brum reaches the safety of her mother’s ancestral home in an Oaxacan town by the name of El Nidal. There, in the relative safety of her mysterious great-aunt’s house, Brum’s discoveries take her into a library brimming with secrets, among them strange manuscripts, artifacts, and the “musical” key to a world where she will be closer to Orains’s claws than ever before.

This time, however, there will be no running away if she is to see her father alive once more.

Will Brum be able to save Lyobaa from the Flow? And, will she save her father from Orains? The fate of the Realms and the entire world rest on the shoulders of a multiracial teenage girl, Brum Hesles, the Keeper of Resonance.

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