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Giving Back!

Tata's Earrings is a transformational book; it's a testament to the huge global impact that small selfless gestures can have. The message of Tata's story will only come full circle when it inspires others to act in the same spirit of involvement and compassion. Therefore, it is only appropriate that I share 5% of the profits with two organizations that have impacted me deeply. One of them is the Malala Fund, whose goal is to enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities. In Lebanon, particularly, the Malala Fund is involved in educating Syrian refugee girls stranded in the camps of the Bekaa Valley. In my latest trips to Lebanon, I witnessed the massive waves of Syrian refugees that have flooded the streets of cities and towns alike. When I inquired about the schooling of the kids, not surprisingly I found out that some of them have been forced to quit school and work while some others have been accommodated by local schools in afternoon shifts... there is much to be done!

The other organization that captured my heart is, a non-profit that restores the vision of 20 million blind children and adults in 40 of the most poor countries. Giving a child the gift of sight and then opening their eyes to the world of knowledge does sound like the full package to me. By buying Tata's Earrings (English version) and Los Aretes de Tata (Spanish version) you will surely be spreading the love both at home and abroad. Follow us on Facebook and track this campaign of giving. Thank you for bringing about change!

For more info on these two non-profit organizations,go to:

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