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Looking back...

I'll take a moment to acknowledge a little someone who played a vital role in creating Tata's world. When I first saw him, he was being concealed by his buddy brushes, shy and most heroes. Once in my hand, however, once the period of reconnaissance was over...he started to splatter the colors of innocence and, quite frankly, also the colors of mysticism. Without much prompting, his rebellious bristles were soon tracing childhoods ...of the old and the new kind. I was rather amazed, to tell you the truth, when this medium-sized seemingly ordinary brush embraced the challenge and brought out his little wooden hero within. And so he held on, for a year, to my hand and showed up to work day in and day out. One morning, while my eyes were lazily getting accustomed to the first rays of light, I realized that my friend's metal eyes could see far beyond mine and he was, mischievously, attempting some symbolism. "Just a brush!" some might say...I see a faithful warrior instead. Most people thought that it was I who created it all but the truth is that I felt lost at times and, when this crazy-haired guy sensed it, he decisively stepped up and took charge.

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