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O.K., this was for my bro’s birthday. Also, it’s the very first draft so excuse the roughness.  🙂 LEO In a galaxy far, far away… I think of Leo And, I smile. I can hear a violin a minute violin playing alongside a loving Stradivarius And, I stand in awe. And,I smile. I can hear piano concertos and smell his library of encyclopedias so thick so unreachable At 8 yrs. old the avid reader was undeterred by the complexity of A History of Eighteen Century Vessels the Holy Bible or the instructions to assemble a human body When I think of Leo I think of a sailor’s pipe and a rocking chair I think of the He-Man strength with which he saved mom from handicapping heights, the speed to hold a school girl as she got projected from a bus frame and the coolness with which he extinguished a kitchen fire in our home saving others is one of his strengths I was told And I stand in awe. When I think of Leo, I think of water guns and little red beans that burn your skin when rubbed I think of badminton and, Lady, our dog I think of Coyolxauhquis and museum trips I think of India, Puerto Rico and Rome When I think of Leo I think of rainforest ants trailing after the rain in Mayan lands, and centipedes in Chichen-Itza also painting boats with dad And, I stand in awe. And, I smile. When I think of Leo I see a brother who protected me from a tarantula and a woman with lepric skin And, I see a lush garden our very first paradise where he once collected huge leaves for a test flight I see ice cream in a helmet and “motorcycle” rides with handles of boy hands And, I stand in awe and I smile. When I think of Leo I think of so many places So many people So many times And, I think of the boy who wanted to heal and I stand in awe because, soon, his dream will be real At 45 he doesn’t seem deterred to mount on a flight and reach a new height He’ll chase after Skeletor  He’ll give Luke a new arm Only God knows what the new career shrouds I will always be in the garden so lush and so thick watching him fly to galaxies far and near And I’ll stand in awe Because when I think of Leo I’ll always have a smile. 

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