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Tollan's Ballad - The Brum Hesles Series, Book 2

Tollan's Ballad - The Brum Hesles Series, Book 2


“You’ll be eaten by wild beasts,” the wicked voice says in Brum’s head as she is dug from the snow. However, this time, it is likely telling the truth.

Brum and her siblings are stranded in the Realms and unprepared for the impending war with the Flow. Their aunt is still lost. The Frequency is quickly faltering. And, across the human domain, their father is missing in action. To survive, they must find some allies but, in this cut-throat world, who is Brum to trust? Certainly not Camazotz, the extravagant Lord of the Underside, nor Ollin the Incinerator, the pyromaniac Tollani king.

How is a girl supposed to save an entire Realmic System — and her family — if she can’t even save herself? 

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