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Quetzalli's Last Song - The Brum Hesles Series, Book 1

Quetzalli's Last Song - The Brum Hesles Series, Book 1


When President Orains gets re-elected for a third term in 2025, the nation plunges into a second Civil War. Doomed for the Brazos camp, Brum Hesles, her two siblings and mother flee their home in the Houston archipelago overnight, leaving her father behind. Assisted by the Unity Forces, a resistance group fighting the new Great Republic's regime, Brum reaches the safety of her mother's ancestral home in the Oaxacan town of El Nidal. There, in the relative safety of her mysterious great-aunt's house, she discovers a library brimming with strange manuscripts, artifacts, and the "musical" key to a world she thinks is safer than her own.

Who is the heiress of Mitla? And what in Beydo's name is the Flow? The fate of the Realms and the entire world might unexpectedly rest on the shoulders of an olive-skinned, teenage girl: Brum Hesles, the Keeper of Resonance.

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