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In this picture, author Desiree Calderon de Fawaz is 3 years old. She is seen sitting on a white toy ponny in her harden.  As she smiles, she is drawing her hands in the air. Her cheeks show dimples, her skin is tanned but also fair and her bangs and hair look dark . Her orange tshirt contrasts with the thick green hedge of a lush, Mexico City garden behind. All the way behind the garden, you a volcanic-rock tall wall can be seen.

Hey There

      I'm an award-winning author/illustrator on a mission to bring diversity into the multimedia world. While my first literary project was writing and illustrating the magical tale of a loving Lebanese grandma, I'm now fully immersed in a YA, Mexican-inspired trilogy featuring a strong and witty female protagonist. Yet, that's not all. I often feel the need to tell stories in a variety of ways. Be it through acrylics, pastels, various types of clay, poetry, or even film, I'll willfully go where creativity takes me.

All About Me

I grew up in Mexico City as the daughter of a Mayan archaeo-astronomer/engineer/politician and a nomadic singer, and to say that my childhood was exciting and eventful would be an understatement. Looking back, there was something about moving residences eleven times (by age 16) and constantly traveling between continents that made me resilient and open to all cultures and religions. 

By age 17, I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas. Then, I got married and graduated (yes, in that order) with a degree in Microbiology and French and, soon after, had three kids. Sometimes, around that time, my father passed away, and this unraveled an existential crisis that made me go back to my roots. When I see that picture of when I was three years old, I remember how I spent my days: making potions in the garden with jacaranda flowers, among volcanic rocks, or in the library, surrounded by art, Mayan gods, and books. Eventually, these memories have drawn me back to writing, painting, herbalism, and new careers in Ayurveda and the Fine Arts. It's been a dream to—finally—be doing what I was meant to do. I truly hope you find my work as magical as I do.

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